A wee update:

So much has changed since I started this blog in 2014, when I was wildly excited by vegan food and needed a space to share all of my discoveries. I’d had in the back of my mind since I was a young girl that I wanted to someday write a cookbook, so a blog seemed like the natural place to start, because who in their right mind would give a book deal to a young Kiwi gal living in Berlin with no qualifications, no restaurant, no social media following whatsoever.

Somehow, despite having no idea what the hell I was doing, my site got nominated for the ‘Best New Voice‘ category of the Saveur Blog Awards in 2015. I didn’t win, but I did get a book deal after finding an email from my publisher in my spam folder a week after I found out I was pregnant!

The latter half of 2015 I planned, wrote, tested, edited, shopped, cooked, styled and shot 60 recipes in my Berlin apartment, with a belly that was growing bigger by the day. I gave birth on my bedroom floor – in almost the exact spot I photographed my recipes – then before my own book was even released, I was contacted by a guy named Matt Prescott about collaborating with him on a book he was working on. The next 8 months of my life got dedicated to that epic undertaking and then because I am crazy, I decided to pitch another book to Hardie Grant. They said yes. That book is (almost) finished, and my little family has relocated to Melbourne which is a fresh and welcome, albeit expensive change from the romantic but challenging life we were living in Berlin.

Now that I have no books on the horizon, I have an abundance of quick, easy, healthy, family friendly recipes to share, and that will be the focus of the recipes section of this site moving forward. I hope to finally get around to sharing my birth story too, as well as the number of unfinished blog posts I’ve drafted about motherhood, sex after childbearing, etc. Melbourne folk, I’ll be throwing some Supper Clubs in the near future too, so stay tuned with me on social media, or sign up to my newsletter (though I’m yet to send any newsletters out so no guarantees on that one!).

For those of you who have been with me from the beginning, I thank you for your patience with me and my very flakey internet ways. For those who are new here – hello, welcome, and if you want to know a little bit more about me an my vision, please check out my original about section below.

All of my love! X

Jess Louie
Jess Kitchen

About this blog:

This website is a manifestation of my long term desire to share my recipes and my journey with vegan cooking. – simple and wholesome creations that can be enjoyed by anyone, because no matter our dietary preferenes, plants unite us all. All of the content is my own – recipes, food photography, nature photography and hand drawn headers.

I use ingredients that I find at my local farmers market and organic supermarkets in Berlin, and mainly things that grow from the earth: plants, whole foods and foods where processing is at a minimum. For many people, meat, cheese and dairy are consumed out of habit and tradition, not necessity. We no longer need to rely on animal products in order to survive. In fact, if we want to survive, we need to cut back on our consumption of them in an urgent and drastic way. By removing animal products from my kitchen, I have discovered a whole new world of culinary possibilities using vegetables, seeds, nuts, herbs, spices, legumes and fruit. Every day I marvel over this incredible planet and the beautiful, psychedelic and delicious things it grows. I mean, look at a pomegranate for crying out loud! Look at the mountains, the waterfalls, the plants and the animals. We are so lucky to be here, and my photos of nature are a reminder of how beautiful our home is.

Since falling pregnant and giving birth to Louie, my focus has shifted somewhat. I will continue to share recipes but I have expanded my blog to encompass my latest obsession – pregnancy and childbirth. I had a wonderful pregnancy and home birth and I want to share these positive experiences, as well as things that I discover in my new and definitely most favourite role yet, as a mother.

About me:

Cooking and experimenting with food is something I have enjoyed for as long as I can remember. I relish in the ritual of cooking for loved ones and I find the preparation of feasts meditative. My reason for not using animal products originally arose due to my love for animals, but as I learn more and more about what animal agriculture is doing to our beautiful planet, my reasons are becoming more environmentally driven. And then there’s our health. My philosophy extends out of my kitchen into all other areas of my life as I strive to live more consciously, and become more aware of the world around me and the impact of my choices.

In 2010 my mother in law gave me an analog camera and I have been using it to document my adventures and the beautiful humans that surround me ever since. Some of what I have captured can also be found here on my blog.

About Veganism:

I realise that to many people, especially to those who have never tried vegan food, the thought of veganism is both daunting and ludicrous. This frame of mind is something I wish to shift. My intention is not to convert the world to veganism, or even vegetarianism, I simply want to dispel the myth about vegan food and cooking and maybe, hopefully, encourage some people to educate themselves as to why one would ever choose a lifestyle that is seemingly SO radical.

I will update this section soon with a list of resources that have inspired me along my journey. Meanwhile, if you want to have a little behind-the-scenes peek at me being awkward and speaking in my twangy New Zealand accent, you can watch this short video that my friend Das Mädchen mit der Kamera made about me in the summer of 2015.

Thanks for stopping by! xx