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Vegan Goodness Cookbook!!!!!

In 2015, whilst pregnant with Louie, I wrote and shot an entire cookbook in my one bedroom Berlin apartment. Now that I have a printed and bound book to hold in my hands, the whole experience feels like a dream. Flipping through the pages, I truly can not believe that I photographed something so beautiful, all on my own, on my bedroom floor, when I could barely see my toes. Reading it, I can not believe that it was me who put the words together, and that my lighthearted and playful approach to cooking managed to shine through the cloud of pregnancy and breastfeeding that has taken residence in my brain.

Between the square, hard cover is a collection of vegan recipes that I hope can be enjoyed by anyone. I wrote it with everyday people in mind, hoping that I can inspire people to eat more plants, regardless of whether they are vegan or not. I hope you like it and I hope you will buy it, not only for yourself but also for your friends and family, so that I can make another book, and another one after that. 

It’s available through amazon and other major online retailers, as well as cool stores and bookshops around the globe.


  1. I am thinking of buying your book. It looks great. I would like to know what sweeteners you use. Please let me know. Many thanks.

    1. Thank you! And yes you can 🙂 You should be able to find it at Wholefoods and online. It's available at other stores too but I can't name specifics xx

  2. Hello jessica , have been thinking about healthier eating and read your article in spirit and destiny magazine which I enjoy reading every month .and I shall be going on amazon to purchase your cookbook .I am looking forward to trying the different recipes i am looking at reducing my cholesterol also so i am hoping this shall help , so here goes for February ☺

  3. Available in Belgium! Bought it, love it! I tried some of the recipes and even non-vegans ask for seconds. Favourites up till now; chickpea curry sandwiches and holy shitcake.
    Thank you so much for sparking my passion for cooking and experimenting!

  4. Hi
    Yesterday your booked caught me and my daughter's eye in a Shanghai Bookstore and we bought it… today we already did the potato pizza and it was soooo yummmy. Especially my daughter – 12 year old – insisted in buying the book. Great choice and I love it too.

    1. Oh wow, that is so cool that you found my book in Shanghai! I had no idea. Tell your daughter she has a good eye, haha! Thank you for stopping by to let me know and I hope you're enjoying my book xx

  5. Greetings from Finland! I just borrowed this amazing cookbook from my local library and guess what happened? I read this masterpeace straight away, tried matcha cheesecake and black bean brownies. So, I wanted to visit your site, say hello and tell you that I know what's the next book I'm going to buy.

  6. Hi Jessica, your book is also available in The Netherlands, in Dutch even! It is really beautifully photographed. We eat vegan for some months now and are still finding our way, getting new recipes and habits into the kitchen routine. This book will help us finding both some new recipes and inspiration to make variations on all of them. The boyfriend prefers coocking only when he knows what to do – and if that to do list is less than half a page- , so win win with your book! As for me, I kinda lost fun in the kitchen a little for I didn't really know how to get from 'I made this recipe vegan' into a daily 'I made something so delicious I would proudly have a inpromptu party and make everyones mouth water'. So thanks for that nudge! Kitchen, here I come

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