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Vegan Goodness Cookbook!!!!!

In 2015, whilst pregnant with Louie, I wrote and shot an entire cookbook in my one bedroom Berlin apartment. Now that I have a printed and bound book to hold in my hands, the whole experience feels like a dream. Flipping through the pages, I truly can not believe that I photographed something so beautiful, all on my own, on my bedroom floor, when I could barely see my toes. Reading it, I can not believe that it was me who put the words together, and that my lighthearted and playful approach to cooking managed to shine through the cloud of pregnancy and breastfeeding that has taken residence in my brain.

Between the square, hard cover is a collection of vegan recipes that I hope can be enjoyed by anyone. I wrote it with everyday people in mind, hoping that I can inspire people to eat more plants, regardless of whether they are vegan or not. I hope you like it and I hope you will buy it, not only for yourself but also for your friends and family, so that I can make another book, and another one after that. 

It’s available through amazon and other major online retailers, as well as cool stores and bookshops around the globe.


  1. Hi Jessica
    I am making the switch to vegan and was drawn to your vegan cook book as opposed to others because of it's simple but tasty look recipes. However, my first attempt to use it has left me feeling a bit disappointed. I made your black bean brownies and followed your instructions almost exactly (the exception being I used organic cocoa powder as opposed to cacao) but they came out very strange! They were cooked on the outside but dense slidge on the inside. The taste was ok, a bit too rich in cocoa – but I can't understand why the texture came out so un-brownie like. It was a real disappointment as I was hoping your book was going to help me sail off into a beautiful vegan sunset but I now find myself not trusting it. i would be interested to know if you could tell me what might have gone wrong – surely your brownies didn't look like mine? Any help or hints would gratefully be received. Thank you kindly. Annabel

    1. Hey Annabel, so sorry you had this experience! As per our email correspondence, I really don't know what went wrong here as the feedback on these brownies has been overwhelmingly positive. All the best,

  2. Hi, do your recipes include nutritional information? I am on strict fat/carb regime (for health reasons) and need to know my daily intake, also for protein. hard to find a book that gives that info to recipes. Thank you

    1. Hi Susie! No sorry, it doesn't. Do you know about the cronometer app? I use this sometimes when tracking my nutrient intake and you and enter recipes etc. Very handy if you don't know about it already <3

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