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Vegan Goodness: FEASTS

There is nothing quite like sitting down to a meal with people you love.

For me, food has always been a way of connecting with people and nurturing my relationships. There’s something special about slowing down, sharing, and connecting with friends and family over food and conversation. 

Once upon a time, during our early Berlin years, dinner parties were rowdy, all-night affairs – the kind where every guest brings a bottle of wine and every drop gets drunk. After becoming parents, dinners became more intimate

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Vegan Goodness

In 2015, whilst pregnant with Louie, I wrote and shot an entire cookbook in my one bedroom Berlin apartment. Now that I have a printed and bound book to hold in my hands, the whole experience feels like a dream. Flipping through the pages, I truly can not believe that I photographed something so beautiful, all on my own, on my bedroom floor, when I could barely see my toes. Reading it, I can not believe that it was me who put the words together, and that my lighthearted and playful approach to cooking managed to shine through the cloud of pregnancy and breastfeeding that has taken residence in my brain.

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