Vegan Goodness: FEASTS


There is nothing quite like sitting down to a meal with people you love.

For me, food has always been a way of connecting with people and nurturing my relationships. There’s something special about slowing down, sharing, and connecting with friends and family over food and conversation. 

This book is an owed to a five-year love affair with the cold, rude, dirty, but wonderful, city of Berlin. Once upon a time, during our early Berlin years, dinner parties were rowdy, all-night affairs – the kind where every guest brings a bottle of wine and every drop gets drunk. After becoming parents, dinners became more intimate and often took place before friends ventured off into the Berlin night. I loved that even though we were constantly growing and changing, we still had dinner... we will always have dinner.

My little family lives in Melbourne now, but our Berlin apartment had a special kind of magic. Even in its most chaotic state, it was a place of connection and creativity. My son, my first book, Vegan Goodness, and most of this book you now hold in your hands were all born there. As an ode to its magic, and as a way of remembering what was, I wanted to share some of the dishes that were shared during our half decade in the poor but sexy German capital.

Whether you’re in a cooking mood and want to spend a day in the kitchen, or going to a potluck with a bunch of friends and a medley of assorted dishes. Or perhaps you just want a simple feast, to share with your housemates, your lover or your child. No matter your situation, there is something in this book for you. New things. Naughty things. Delicious things. Vegan things.

I hope you enjoy cooking from it as much as I do, and that you find recipes between the pages that will stay a part of your repertoire for years to come <3