Green Smoothie Number One


A couple of weeks ago I became the proud owner of a Vitamix. Before entering this whole new world of blending, I was using my 20€ immersion blender for everything. It was a great little device and I used it for hummus, cashew cream, soups and smoothies, but when it came to smoothies I had to keep it pretty simple as it lacked the power to get raw veggies into a drinkable consistency. I had been lusting after a vitamix for years but there is no denying, they are an investment and I would occasionally sway to the question of ‘can a blender really be that good?’. Now that I’m in the club I know, it can. My smoothies are liquid, my cashew cream is outrageously creamy and the nut butter, oh my god the nut butter!

My foray into green smoothie world began with this concoction, which was inspired in part by the Green Goddess smoothie from Tahina Bar in Melbourne and in part by the Smashing Pumpkin smoothie from a Berlin eatery that is unfortunately no longer open. It is So. Damn. Good. And good for you too!

If it seems weird putting water in a smoothie instead of milk, trust me. It gets super creamy! Adding water and oats is just like making oat milk at the same time as making your smoothie and since oats are a source of iron it’s a low fat, healthier alternative to nut milk. Genius, no?


Makes 3 Cups.

2 spotty bananas
2 large handfuls of spinach
2 medjool dates
half a cup of oats
a tbsp of hemp seeds
a knob of fresh ginger
a pinch of vanilla
1.5 cups of water
1 tsp of moringa powder (optional)


Takes 5 minutes to make.

Place everything in the blender and blend until smooth. I like it nice and thick as I find it more filling this way, but if you prefer a thinner smoothie simply add another half cup of water and blend until well combined. Enjoy!

Some nutrient info:

Notes and serving suggestions:

I popped this smoothie into the Cronometer and when made according to the ingredients above, before you add moringa or any other superfood powder, this smoothie contains 25% of your daily recommended iron, 20% of your recommended protein and 65% of your recommended vitamin C. Not a bad way to start the day, huh?