Canary Islands 2017

The Canary Islands are a cluster of Spanish islands situated near the equator, to the west of Africa. We visited two of them in February this year to escape the Berlin winter – La Palma and Tenerife – and what you see above is a very small selection of the bazillion photos I took while we were there.

La Palma, not to be confused with Las Palmas is one of the seven main islands. It’s nickname is Isla Bonita – Beautiful Island – and for good reason. Growing wherever banana trees are not, ferns, mosses, weeds and wildflowers, render the valleys and hills of the island a jaw drop of lush green. Black sand beaches lay strikingly against the deep blue of the Atlantic Ocean and when you add in the volcanoes, salt flats, bush hikes, boat rides and the charm of Cuban influence, it’s no wonder I went through 3 rolls of film in my first 4 days.

Easyjet only just started doing direct flights from Berlin to La Palma, and Andy booked our trip on a whim, when I was too busy with another project to care otherwise. When I finally had a look at where we were going, there was very little information about La Palma online and for a minute there I was like ‘where to fuck are we going??!’. Turns out, we were going to one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, and that says a lot considering I grew up in New Zealand!

Tenerife is the largest of all the islands and possibly one of the most polarising places I have ever visited. The weather was utterly stunning, everyone we met was awesome and we ate at a number of incredible vegan restaurants, however it’s year-round sunshine means the southern part of the island is absolutely overrun with resorts and drunk, sunburnt tourists. It’s also not particularly beautiful. We managed to escape to a lovely place a bit further north where we slept in a cave and ate breakfast outdoors, but in all honesty I will probably never go back there.

La Palma though, La Palma is where it’s at. I can’t get over how beautiful it is and to anyone living in Europe and seeking a winter escape, I cannot recommend it more highly.